The Highs and Lows of Smart TV’s Mentioned

They’re great; the unboxing experience takes all of 10 minutes while you carefully peel off the stickers and associated reading material covering your new 40-inch screen. It bright, it’s bold and yes! It is beautiful. Smart TV’s are the new standard in home entertainment. Sleekly curved or wonderfully flat, these new age devices have been pasted on the walls of countless homes across the globe.

These TV’s are running on a whole new level of Lollipop. Think of your mobile device, but only bigger. Usually fitted with an android operating system, smart TV’s have a host of benefits and features as well as potential down sides that you may want to consider before conforming to the new norm in entertainment.

What is a Smart Television?

You may be surprised to learn that Smart TV’s were originally labelled as connected TV’s because of their capability to connect to the Internet. As technology and the seamless integration of the web started infiltrating any device with a connection, the term Smart TV was born and adapted into a television set that literally thinks and acts.

Smart TV’s are embedded with an Internet connection and useful apps that help you run scheduled TV effortlessly. Newer models have activated voice control and some even link to smart home technology that allows for seamless control through your homes gadgets.

What’s on the Box?

Android apps flood your screen or some other niche operating system occupies storage space to bring you a vivid world highlighted by 60 million colours seeping into the display area.

Not all Smart TV’s are the same; certain models will afford you with the freedom of android whilst others run closed circuit communications that limit you. The limited smart TV’s have pre-installed apps that rarely change, yet they do an adequate job in keeping true to their smart name brand.

Benefits of Going Smart

If you’re a smart shopper and if your home is loaded with a bunch of new age technology like you’d find at a high end Canadian mobile casino, then a smart TV is the logical choice for you. These devices integrate with smart home technology to make life easier in one seamless motion that allows you to live without limits.

SMart TV - the best tech

The devices voice activated technology will also allow for effortless convenience as you voice prompt your way to the latest events happening across the globe. Other features like gaming apps will keep things interesting, but if you’re a PlayStation or X Box fan, keep your console around, as the games for smart TV’s simply can’t compete with high-end titles.

The Downfalls

Smart TV’s come standard with computer chips for video processing. The display and chip are linked in one parallel process like that if a computer. This makes smart TV’s as annoying, if not more so than a traditional computer.

They will hang and glitches like a computer will test your endurance to the point of no return. Just when you think that you’re at your wits end, your smart TV will push it further and bring about an error code that leaves you throwing the proverbial sink at your screen.

The apps can be riddled with glitches and your TV will adopt a new freeze like mentality. This doesn’t occur all the time but it’s definitely a smart TV owner low.