Classic Board Games Go Mobile

For one reason or another, family and friends find themselves separated by distance, which makes spending an evening together playing classic board games almost impossible. We say ‘almost’ because a few of the retro games that have entertained players for decades are available as apps with multi-player functionality.

Thanks to teams of developers, modern audiences can enjoy old favourites such as Monopoly, Cluedo or Clue, Scrabble, Battleship, and the Game of Life on their smartphones and tablets. The experience isn’t quite the same as gathering around a board, but it certainly is better than not playing those great old games at all.


The Monopoly app has been designed to be as close to the popular board game as possible, although it does have great 3D elements, such as the city in the centre of the board. Some of the classic tokens, such as the dog, penguin, ship, and top hat, are available, and they are animated, so you can watch them hop from space to space.

The app lets players roll dice, purchase properties, and charge rent. The familiar Community Chest, Chance, Go to Jail, and Jail spaces elements also are present.

Clue: The Classic Mystery Game

Better known to some players as Cluedo, Clue is the murder mystery-solving game that inspired a movie starring Tim Curry. The mobile app is based on the latest edition of the board game which includes Mrs White’s replacement character, Dr Orchid. The other iconic characters include Miss Scarlet, Mr Green, Mrs Peacock, Professor Plum, and Colonel Mustard.

The app lets you play the game in which you need to try find out the location of the murder, the weapon used, and the identity of the killer. Other app features include single-player mode and a brain teaser puzzle. It can be just as thrilling as the games with an online bingo UK bonus.


The iconic two-player naval combat game goes mobile in an app that offers the classic version as well as the new, faster, tactical Commander’s Mode. The game sees both players trying to sink one another’s fleet of battleships.

You also can enjoy elements that were not available in the classic board game version. Among them are being able to fight against legendary commanders, animated fleets of ships, and setting the action in the same locations as historic battles.


One of the most popular board games, Scrabble is all about forming words using tiles that feature the letters of the alphabet. The mobile app offers the game in a slick, modern format.

The app also includes a dictionary, a Favourite feature that you can use to make it easy to connect with your family and friends, a live chat feature, and custom tiles that you can use to personalise your game.

The Game Of Life

The famous role-playing board game called the Game of Life is given a new lease on life in a stunning app with a 3D board, various characters, and new elements of gameplay. In addition to the multiplayer functionality, there are minigames, fast mode, and live chat.