The Top Tech Developments To Watch Our For In 2018

The Top Tech Developments To Watch Our For In 2018

Technology has sped along at unprecedented speeds over the last thirty years, and while many of the computer systems we developed in the 1980s still play a role in today’s world, almost all the technology of modern times is like nothing the world has seen before.

Mobile technology, for one, has seen tech developments that were once confined only to the world of science fiction, and yet not only do we possess this technology, it has become comfortably embedded in our every day lives.

It has gone even further than smart phones and tablets, however, and entirely new systems have been created in recent years, such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and new iterations of artificial intelligence.

Today, we can load up our latest Android device, watch videos, play games, enjoy Visa slots, and even make live conference calls. This is the power of modern technology, but even as we speak, more advanced tech developments.

Some of this tech can be expected within the coming year, and should prove to change the world even more.

Cloud Technology – Tech Developments

We may have all of heard of the cloud, an online storage space that can be accessed from wherever you are. So far, the technology has been pretty simple and straightforward: you log in to your account, upload or download whichever you file you want, and move on.

It acts the same as a portable hard drive, without having anything physical in the mix. This is changing in 2018, however, as companies want to start adding more intelligence to cloud services, allowing to not just deal with storage, but even processing information.

This is also known as Edge computing, and will allow devices to have better overall processing and management in certain online areas.

artificial intelligence - The Top Tech Developments To Watch Our For In 2018

The Virtual Experience

Virtual reality is not a new concept, and while it’s been a part of science fiction for decades, but only within the last 5 years has it truly taken off. VR is now a growing industry, and has boomed in areas like gaming and media entertainment.

It has had a rocky start, mostly due to the physical technology not agreeing with everyone, but this looks to change in 2018 as VR and AR (augmented reality) systems continue to improve and have a bigger impact on our lives.

Conversational Experience

Another technology that is looming on the horizon is conversational platforms: tech that will have a more personal touch, and give us an ever wider scope of convenience.

Being able to ask simple questions and even hold limited conversations with our devices, allowing us to gain more information faster while also having improved overall command of the technology that we rely on.

This is similar to what we have with Siri or Cortana, but to a much more advanced degree. 

Artificial Intelligence

This is truly the star of what we can expect with the New Year, and AI has been making leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, becoming much more advanced.

Not quite on the level as a thinking, conscious entity that we can engage with, but rather systems that have the means to manage advanced simulations, analysis, and operation.

Essentially, these AI system are tech developments created to make certain processes in the digital world much more efficient, allowing them to correct errors automatically and operate other systems without human oversight.

These are just some of the technologies that we can expect will arrive within the next year, but whatever the case, 2018 should prove to be a great year for modern tech.