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Are Wearables the Future?

Online gaming is a fun and exciting industry that has millions of people playing their favourite games every day. This industry is massive and has been growing at a dramatic rate over the past decade or two. Enter wearables.

When online gaming first emerged, players that wanted to make use of these fun and rewarding games only really had one option to do so, this was to make use of a desktop computer to login to the provider of their choice.

However, as technology has grown and developed throughout the years, players are able to make use of so many new and exciting ways to play. This involves playing on mobile devices all the way up to utilizing virtual reality sets to simulate a the gaming experience. The question remains, what is the future of online games?

Introducing wearables

Wearable technology such as smart watches or glasses may just be the ultimate in gaming. When mobile gaming came out and players could make use of their phones to enjoy their gaming experience, the convenience that accompanied this was unrivaled. However, now with the newest tech we are able to match and surpass this convenience by offering the same games for players that use wearables.

wearable technology - the future of gaming on wearables

How would a wearable increase convenience?

Think about the easy access to the games that you want to play! Making use of a watch to play will take out the need to even bring your phone out of your pocket.

This means that, should you enjoy anything from puzzle games, to adventure games, to mobile pokies, you are able to play the games that you enjoy from your wearable, whilst on the move. Not only that, but you are able to monitor your progress and keep track of what you are doing on these games and sites all from the wearable that you have chosen.

What do wearable casino games look like?

Whilst it may be very difficult for the wearables to display a gaming experience in this case, the interface is still designed to work for you in the best way possible. Often times, the wearable interface would be a stripped down version of the app, game or website that you so enjoy.

This means that you will be able to play with the push of a button, but not have all of the bloat that accompanies the app, game or website counter parts.

Often times, you will just have the basic functionality on the wearable, and may perform more advanced features on the mobile device or desktop versions.


As it stands, we are only in the beginning stages of wearable technology, yet the impact it has had on the industry is already very impressive.

Future development of this tech will prove to be something beyond our wildest imaginations given the rapid progress that this has accumulated over the last few years.

We can only imagine how much bigger, better and more convenient wearables will become within the next decade or so.