SEO Hacks That Give You The Edge

Would you like to know how to drive more traffic to your website? Are you finding it challenging to attract more website visitors and climb in rankings on Google? If you are then don’t worry! We’ve handpicked a number of amazing SEO hacks that will assist you with getting more organic traffic and boost rankings on Google in no time.

Remove Anything Which Slows Down Your Website

Page speed is quite an important factor in SEO. In years gone by, you would be able to get away with a slow-loading site. A slow page infuriates users and ultimately discourages people from purchasing your product. Data from demonstrates that a mere one-second delay in page load time may yield a massive 7% loss in conversions.

In the mind of prospective buyers, a slow site is an untrustworthy site.

Page speed is vital to search engines as well. A total of 40% of people abandon a website which takes more than three seconds to load. As companies become more aware of the opportunities to generate targeted leads as well as increase revenue through search engine optimisation, there is a massive demand for speed.

On 9 April 2010, Google incorporated site speed as one of the all-important ranking factors. This means that if your website pages are slow, you’re battling a losing battle for top organic listings, irrespective of the quality of your content or your professional website design.

Eliminate non-essential elements which slow down your website. If you’re a WordPress user, think about deactivating plugins you don’t really need. Also, declutter your sidebar and put only essential widgets there.

Accelerated Mobile Pages For Mobile Optimisation

Around 47.3% of the online traffic comes from smartphones. Needless to say, you need to optimise your website for handheld devices or otherwise you risk losing a good portion of traffic. Some of the most often-used methods of doing to do this are to utilise a responsive web design, structured data as well as image compression.

However if you really want your visitors to access your content at whirlwind speeds like you can do at online casinos in Pakistan, accelerated mobile pages (AMP) might be the solution. It is an open-source project spearheaded by Google with the assistance of which web publishers can put together content that instantly loads on all the devices. It utilises an HTML5 framework that relies abundantly on caching to boost the loading time.

AMP is not a ranking element for search engines; however page speed certainly is. So, while your site will not get an instant increase just as AMP was adopted, the enhanced speed that it can provide can work along with other ranking factors in order to influence your rankings. Professional SEO services can help you adopt AMP while also working on other vital ranking factors.

Choose And Target The Correct Keywords

Undoubtedly, the biggest error that can be made in an SEO strategy is to select the wrong keywords that do nothing to assist lead prospects to your business. Every step in your SEO strategy should concentrate on enhancing your web pages with keywords which drive engagement and ultimately conversions to your company.