The Best Tech And Tools For Working Online

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, it changed the way that hundreds of millions of people were able to work. No longer were employees able to jump into their cars and head off to the office for the day, and instead had no choice but to set up at home and try their best using what was available.

That was a year ago, and today most of those employees don’t want to go back to the office – and why would they? With access to high-speed internet and a computer, most jobs in the white collar industry can be completed easily enough. With that in mind, these are best tools a worker from home can use to make their work lives easier.

Multifunction Miniprinter

Printing and scanning are two of the most common tasks performed within the office environment. Unfortunately, it would not be feasible for a company to send expensive printer scanner combos to all of their employees, but this also doesn’t mean that there are no options available. There are a multitude of small printers that can be bought for cheap, with one of the best examples being the Brother MFC-J895. It supports wireless printing, offers colour, and can work with just about any operating under the sun, from Windows to Linux.

Standing Desk

It’s generally agreed upon by health experts that sitting all day is not good for a person’s health, and they recommend trying to change up the way that they work as much as possible. One of the ways to deal with this is by purchasing an adjustable standing desk, allowing the worker to both sit and stand.

There are a lot of various standing desks to choose from, such as the Branch Standing Desk or the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk. Changing working position as well as posture can have long term health-benefits that are worth the financial investment, whether it’s for working or playing at


Whether we’re working with a desktop computer or a laptop, there will never be quite enough USB ports for us to use, especially if we have a number of devices that are needed throughout the day. This is why a USB hub can come in handy. These hubs will have multiple slots for any device that supports USB, from printers to fans to speakers and more. While USB 3.0+ ports can be expensive compared to their 2.0 counterparts, the extra money is always worth it for the higher throughput speeds that USB 3 affords.

Coffee Warmer

Having hot coffee available throughout the day can make a big difference to overall productivity, but it can become tiresome to have to run off every so often to go and make a fresh pot. Rather, buying a quality coffee warmer is worth the money.

Not only do the better-quality coffee warmers ensure that a mug of coffee is always kept at an optimum temperature, but many of them also function as USB hubs themselves, allowing flash drive storage and other devices to be plugged in to them.