4 of the Biggest Tennis Tournaments Globally

Top Global Tennis Tournaments

Top Tennis Tournaments

To most enthusiasts, tennis is more than just a game. There are many different tennis tournaments played across the world these days, with nine months of a calendar year filled with professional tour players travelling all over the globe to participate in these prestigious events.

Among these tournaments there are a select few of highly sort after trophies which are called Grand Slam tournaments.

As tour players battle it out during the season for world ranking points in the smaller events, they all have one common goal and that is to reach the top of the world rankings. This, in turn, will determine if they are eligible to participate in one or all of the major tennis events for the Year.

These majors are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. As a collective they are called the Grand Slam events and are the biggest tennis tournaments globally.

Betting on these major tennis tournaments is immensely popular in New Zealand with a number of NZ betting sites offering options. Most sports enthusiasts follow these events to see who the dominant tennis player of the year is.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is a huge tennis event held in Melbourne annually, usually within the last two weeks of January and is the first of the four grand slam tournaments. This event has held the record for the highest recorded attendances as it is said to be the second most popular tennis event to watch after the ever so popular Wimbledon, which is played in England.

Placing bets on the Australian Open is very exciting as it is the first major event of the year, but that being said it is also very difficult as many of the players have rested and predictability of an outcome is incredibly uncertain.

Australian Open Tennis Tournament - Global Tennis Tournament

French Open

The French open is widely regarded as the fast paced Roland Garros and is held in late May or early June every year.

The tournament is hosted in Paris and is rated as the premier clay court championship in the world as well as being the second grand slam event of the year.

There are many tennis stars that prefer playing on the clay courts as they have spent most of their lives growing up on these types of courts.

When planning to wager on this tournament, it is vital to research which player has a better record between the two on clay courts. Many of the Spanish players do very well on these courts and are often worth backing.


Wimbledon is known for its luxurious cream and strawberries which spectators eat while watching the tennis greats battle it out on the perfectly manicured grass courts.

Weather always has a say in proceedings, as the English weather is very unpredictable. Placing a wager on your favourite player can be tricky as once again the conditions play a vital role as do the courts.

US Open

The US Open is a very exciting tournament which is played on hard courts and creates fast paced matches to watch. Many tennis players go through rigorous qualifying events to try to get a spot in this world class tournament.

Many punters from New Zealand wait in anticipation for this event to start as it is the final grand slam on the calendar and possibly the last chance to place that final wager on tennis for the year.