Best Android Apps So Far in 2018


This list of Android apps is a mixture of paid and free ones as chosen by our resident experts.

So you can rest assured that if you do end up paying for one of them, you’ll be getting your money’s worth, as they’ve all been tried and tested.

Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

There’s a free and a paid version of Awoken, which aims to help you master lucid dreaming. This will make you aware of the fact that you’re dreaming, so that you can start shaping and influencing your actions within them.

Awoken – Lucid Dreaming teaches you how to harness these skills in a number of different ways, including setting a sound which will go off at intervals throughout your day and night. When you’re awake it will serve as a reminder for you that you are awake, so that you can recognise when you’re in a dream state more easily, and vice versa.

A Dream Journal is included in the app, so you can record your dreams, and you can also choose to get a reminder to note them down first thing in the morning, before you forget them.


Available for free and with various paid subscriptions, Blinkist gives you helping hand when it comes to reading books. Few of us have the time to curl up with a publication these days, and this app distils the key info for whatever you’re interested in and presents a summary which you will be able to digest in around 15 minutes!

This means you can fit not just more reading in, but all your other hobbies and pastimes, too. Whether it’s playing casino games, trading online, or enjoying a little Horse Racing betting, you won’t feel guilty about taking a little downtime because you’re getting everything done in a lot less time.


IGTV is new application from Instagram that’s offered to Android users free of charge. It focuses on long-form video content, so you can ditch the one-minute videos you’ve been limited to thus far and create and watch videos of up to an hour long.

The videos are in portrait format, and full-screen, too, which is unusual, but it means holding your phone while you watch is a lot easier.


Free and optional monthly paid subscriptions are provided for PlantSnap, and you can identify different herbs, flowers, vegetables and more with the simple push of a button. You’ll snap a picture, and Artificial Intelligence, AI, technology will fill you in, with a reported success rate of 92%.

It’s just going to keep getting better, too, as the database, which already boasts more than 500 000 different species, will grow thanks to machine learning.

Android users are getting some really incredible tools and entertainment thanks to app developers, and there is something for everyone.

Whether you are looking for tools to help you be more productive, or ways to wind down more easily, your smartphone or tablet, equipped with just a few of these kinds of apps, will be able to help you!