More Details about EA Sports’ New Technology


EA Sports has released their latest title, UFC 3 and they have managed to make the experience that much better with the use of Real Player Motion technology. This is essentially a new form of animation technology that promises a far more fluid, realistic and responsive motion.

The introduction of RPM means that you are in for over 5 000 fresh animations that will enable you to move around, strike, kick, block, punch and counter while experiencing a realistic look and feel while you play with MMA athletes like McGregor.

A New Generation of Gameplay

Both RPM technology and UFC 3 are said to mark a whole new generation of EA Sports gameplay, with this new animation technology giving us a clear shot at taking a leap forward in terms of motion and responsiveness.

You will soon notice that the result is a completely revamped gameplay experience that delivers more strategy with each and every move, not to mention more beauty and authenticity.

Then and Now

The way in which EA Sports created an avatar’s motion was by taking snippets of different pieces of data before looping them and then stitching them all together. This essentially results in little fluid motions.

More recently, new technology has changed all of that and RPM is ultimately what allows developers to go into mo-cap to capture unobstructed motion data from scenes of real matches and real athletes. This means there are no more 2-3 second stops while playing, and that you’re in for an awesome game.

An Exciting New Release

In February we will finally have the ability to bring this exciting new release straight to our consoles, where we will then experience some incredible new features thanks to the fact that EA Sports have again gone above and beyond to ensure a realistic, entertaining experience every time.

RPM Aside, you can expect a G.O.A.T. Career Mode that will allow you to step into the shoes of MMA legends like Conor McGregor, building hype in order to gain fans and creating rivalries that gain the attention of spectators all around the world just like they do.

You will also find new multiplayer modes that are completely customisable that essentially allow you and your friends to go head to head, complete with highlight-reel knockouts and the promise of unlimited opportunities to have fun.

Get in On the Action

In case you’re looking to get in on the action, you may want to pre-order the Champions Edition that will allow you to get all of the expected thrills as many as 3 days before everyone else through early access.

This edition will also include the choice of one former or current UFC champion as well as 20 Premium Packs in Ultimate Team.