Game Awards 2019 Results And Controversies

It seems like only just yesterday that Super Mario was the game everyone was talking about. To be fair, everyone is still talking about the moustached plumber, given that his games still manage to be incredible. Though, the video game industry is a now a multi-billion dollar affair, complete with its own industry wide award ceremony.

These are the results of the Game Awards 2019, including a look at some of the controversies surrounding the winning choices.

Game Of The Year

When it comes to Game of The Year and choosing a winner, you are almost certainly going to have a large portion of the gaming community up in arms. Naturally everyone has their own idea of what the best game of the year is. So at the end of the day, there is simply no pleasing each of the tens of millions of gamers.

However, 2019 was especially controversial. Most agree that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a good game. But having it stand tall above the Resident Evil 2 remake, and Death Stranding, is sure to raise some eyebrows. After all, given the completely unforgiving nature of Sekiro, many agreed that a more universally enjoyed option would have been better.

On the other hand, the majority of fans could also play blackjack online now and enjoy it. So perhaps blackjack should have been declared the winner?

Best Narrative

As video games have evolved, so too have the stories they’ve told. There were a number of games that told excellent stories in 2019, but the winning title happened to be a lesser known indie game that most weren’t even familiar with; Disco Elysium.

Those who have played it will know the game stands apart for having an unflinching dedication to deep, branching storytelling, above all else. So although it may not have the glitz of other big titles, it certainly told a story well beyond the average game.

Best Fighting Game

Fighting games have a truly dedicated community, which also makes fans extremely touchy about which game is chosen as the best of the year. So, it is more than a little surprising that in 2019 the entire community seemed to agree with the choice for fighting game of the year.

The game in question; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Will this franchise ever stop being so universally loved?

Best Action Game

There was once a time when the majority of video games were action games. Times have changed, of course, and now action games make up only a portion of a much broader industry. Either way, there are still many action games released on an annual basis, meaning that there were a number of great creations for the Best Action Game category.

The winner was the latest iteration of a long running, much revered franchise; Devil May Cry. Fans were overjoyed to see their favourite demon slayer, Dante, finally back where he belonged; killing demons and making wisecracks. Who can forget how far the franchise strayed all those years ago, replacing Dante with someone who looked more at home in a gloomy emo rock band?