Monopoly Introduces New AI Game

Monopoly Introduces New AI Game

Anyone who has ever played Monopoly will know that the board game really can bring about the worst in people. Even the most mild mannered and polite family members are suddenly out to rob you blind, send you to jail or charge you over the odds for landing on your space that’s got a hotel, when all they’ve got is one of the cheapest properties on the block.

But now, Hasbro, the makers of the famous board game have introduced a new element that will reduce the ruthless side of the game, and also stop players from cheating. You know, like grabbing that $100 from the bank when no one is looking….

Introducing Monopoly Voice Banking

It has to be said that Hasbro has been incredibly good at modernising Monopoly and they certainly have grown and changed with the times, all while still retaining their iconic formula, and many of the game’s original elements.

Now however, they are introducing the latest version of the game, namely Monopoly Voice Banking. The new version includes a built-in AI that is designed to nip any cheating or nefarious behaviour in the bud, and to keep things transparent and, dare we say, above board?

In Monopoly Voice Banking there is a voice-activated top hat that is placed in the centre of the board. This hat keeps track of all the cash and the property transactions that go down and puts a stop to those who think they can sneak a few extra dollars past the eyes of other players.

In the trial run of the game, testers said they actually preferred it to the original as it speeded up play and made it more efficient, plus no one could hoodwink another player in the process of getting rich!

The Senior Director of global brand strategy and marketing Jen Boswinkel said that the idea behind the new version of the game was to provide an updated entertainment experience and that as voice activated products have become so popular and mainstream (think Alexa, Google Home and Bixby) Hasbro wanted to join in too and create something that could reinvent the classic game, and make it all the more enjoyable.

The Lowdown

Much like, the new Monopoly game retains its classic format, only with a hi-tech twist.

In order to function you’ll need to put 3x AA batteries in the top hat and twist it into place in the board’s centre. The hat has 4 buttons, 1 per player, and when it is the player’s turn they press their button and read out a command printed on a card pulled from a deck.

The cards include commands such as balance, train ride and buy property, and you can also check in with Mr Monopoly to find out who is winning. There are also undo or repeat buttons to facilitate smoother play.

Monopoly Voice Banking was released on July the 1st and looks set to be a game changer in both the board game and the tech industry, paving the way for things to come.