Which New Smartphone is Best for You?


Which New Smartphone is Best for You?

The Apple iPhone and Google Android devices hit the marketplace ten years ago. One decade later, and the debate over which is better is still going on! The question currently encompasses the three new flagship gadgets and which is the best: the Apple iPhone 8, the iPhone X, or the new Samsung Galaxy S8, with a Google Android operating system?

With all of the changes these devices have undergone in recent years, what criteria do you use which one is best suited to your needs? These devices are all top of the line, and have redefined the sector’s leadership.

While they have all improved vastly over the last ten years, however, there are still real differences between them.

Even the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are Unalike

Whether you are using your device for work, or the kind of entertainment that Canadian mobile casinos is able to offer, bear in mind that there are big differences between these two gadgets.

iPhone 8 sales have been slow, but, now that users will be able to compare thanks to the iPhone X release, it is probable that sales of both models will pick up steam.

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The iPhone X’s New Design Proving a Problem

Many users who eagerly anticipated the iPhone X release have discovered the new design more difficult to use and, according to some, less satisfying. The camera has been improved, but people are complaining about the absence of the Home button.

To many, this smartphone has both the look and the feel of a Samsung Galaxy device, which is not what they feel they paid for.

These customers may prefer the iPhone 8, although they will have to let go of the Home Button dream.

Both this model and the previous one have different Home buttons, and, admittedly, what the iPhone X sports cannot be counted as one. Newer devices are going to fade this option out.

People Either Love or Loathe the iPhone X

Even those who are struggling to get to grips with the new design will soon become adept at using it, and may at that point even start liking it.

The question is, did Apple introduce change for change’s sake, or is something bigger afoot?

The Question of User Loyalty

The fact is that all these gadgets have a similar range of performance, and there are not tasks that the one can perform that the others cannot.

It essentially comes down to a question of personal taste, and, strangely enough, brand loyalty.

The applications the iPhones make use of are not the same as the Android versions, but the task can be accomplished by both. It all comes down to you, and what you use your smartphone for. The iPhone is easier to use, and offers you more security, but it isn’t as flexible as the Android.

The freedom the Android operating system offers, however, is counterbalanced by increased security risks.

Take these factors into account, and make your own personal decision. They each have their pros and cons, but deliver what they promise to!