Teams of the NRL: Rabbitohs, Roosters & Other NRL Teams

A selection of badges from the top NRL Teams

The NRL, or National rugby League, is considered to have some of the best rugby teams in Australia, and the world.

There is a collection of many exceptional players in each team, with enormous talent to be found in every corner of the league. The NRL is a veritable parade of great rugby, which is why it is among the most watches sporting leagues in Australia.

If you are a bet maker you will know that it is essential to be familiar with the teams in the NRL, and the players in each team.

When it comes time to place NRL bets, after all, being aware of the strengths of each team can mean the difference between a successful, and unsuccessful bet. Here is a look at some of the more well known and talented teams currently to be found in the NRL.

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Backed by the Reggie the Rabbit mascot, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are an exceptionally talented and well performing team.

They hold a number of records and accolades, including being the team to score the most tries and goals in a grand final match, which occurred in 1950 against Manly.

They also have the reputation of being owned by globally recognised and acclaimed actor, Russell Crowe, who is a noted passionate Australian rugby fan.

A bet on the Rabbitohs to win is almost always a smart one, although it does depend who they are going up against.

Sydney Roosters

The Sydney Roosters are another of the most prestigious and talented teams in the NRL, with only the Rabbitohs and one other team having one more premiership matches.

Of the many records held by the Roosters, one that has stood the test of time, and still remains an unbroken record today, is the 45 points scored by Dave Brown in 1935.

Brown managed to score 5 tries and 15 goals against Canterbury, which is an astonishing achievement to say the least.

Sydney Roosters NRL Team logo badge

Brisbane Broncos

The Brisbane Broncos are another exceptional team, and supported globally for their incredible performance in every game.

The Broncos have made it to the grand finals a total of 7 times, and of those 7 times have won 6, losing only against the Cowboys in 2015. It seems that if the Broncos make it to the finals, betting on them to win is a smart thing to do.

North Queensland Cowboys

The North Queensland Cowboys do not have the glittering reputation of some of the other teams on this list, but are well known for being a team that causes major upsets, and wins against astonishing odds. The win against the Broncos, mentioned above, was in a game that is widely regarded as one of the most hard fought and entertaining in NRL history.

It was the first grand final win for the Cowboys, and the point in history when the team marked itself as among the best the country has to offer.

As far as underdog bets go, you can’t get more appealing than this plucky team who face off against the best, and win.