The Top Five Gadgets at CES 2018


Top 5 Gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018

The CES is an annual technology show that is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has some of the latest and best tech in the world on show. Every year, inventors and entrepreneurs from all over the world fly out to the CES to showcase the latest innovations on the market, and even some prototypes that haven’t quite hit the shelves.

CES 2018 proved to be one of the best ever, with a range of new and interesting tech that amazed all those that attended the venue. From smart screens to robotics, this year’s CES has given us a look at the future of tech, and what we can expect within the coming year.

Not every piece of tech on displayed at CES goes on to the market, but it does give us an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes, and what both individuals and companies are up to in terms of their range of electronics. Whether it’s a super sized screen so we can enjoy online pokies for real money, or augmented reality, these are some of the best new gadgets that were at CES this year.

1. Smart Display

Being developed by electronics company Lenovo, in association with Google, the smart display is the latest tech that just may replace smartphones in some areas, especially within the home environment..

While not as feature-rich as modern smartphones, the smart display is nonetheless impressive, giving us a range of features, all voice-activated, and is mostly intended for home use.

2. AR Glasses

Virtual reality and augmented reality are among the most popular technologies at the moment, and it’s little wonder as to why.

The main problem with this kind of tech is a mixture of the cost and the inability to actually take it out of the home. This is where Alexa comes in, with their showcase of the Vuzix Blade, a pair of augmented reality glasses set to be what Google Glass wasn’t.

3. The Movi Phone

While we’ve had access to accessories like virtual reality goggles specifically built to work off our smart phones, we’ve never before had a mobile device that was able to project its screen contents directly without the help of a projector.

This is set to change with the Movi phone, an Android device that has an integrated projector that can project films of quality up to 720p.

4. The Wall TV

Televisions have undoubtedly gotten bigger and smarter over the last few years.

Modern smart TVs allow us to browse the web, watch YouTube videos, while also letting us watch any film or show we want in the highest quality possible.

TV technology is looking at a new innovation with the Samsung Wall TV, which is actually a massive screen that fits over a large space, and has the ability to change its resolution size to fit whatever the user wants.

5. UV Sense

Designed by fashion company L’Oreal, the UV Sense is a small device that is capable of reading the ultraviolet radiation exposure at any given time, while being small enough that it can fit on the end of your finger.

It’s designed to help users keep track of how much sun they’re exposed to, allowing them to keep their skin safe from the dangers of overexposure to UV.

CES 2018 was full to the brim with new and exciting technologies that should make this year an interesting one to look forward to.