Top Football Video Games Of All Time


We all know about FIFA 18, the official EA Sports football game based on this years World Cup that kicks off in Russia in June. But what about other football themed games that are possibly less well known, but just as awesome?

Lets take a look at other video games that embody the Beautiful Game and make playing and winning even more fun. These top titles have stood the test of time and remain many players’ favourites:

Super Mario Strikers

We all love Mario Bros games, but the football fan in us probably considers Super Mario Strikers the best of all.

A quintessential arcade game, this release may lack a bit of depth but its manic gameplay and tight controls make it a worthy contender for this list.

This Is Football

This game may have launched back in 2002 but we all know how hot retro action is these days, right? Plus, you can opt for two footed challenges and do deliberate dives- so what’s not to love?

It’s as exciting as live AFL betting, and it offers something for every level of skill too.

FIFA International Soccer

Yep, some people call football ‘soccer’, and FIFA decided this was a great time to create a game that had international appeal. This is also where it all began for EA Sports, as it was the first FIFA release in the franchise.

The game came out in 1993 so it’s easy to see why the franchise is now so popular- it’s huge! And, did we mention you can run away from the ref in this game?


While a red card is every player’s on-field nightmare, it made for impressive video gaming action. This game has gone down as one of the most famous in history as it featured the most lethal tackles ever.

It also didn’t take itself too seriously, and unlike the more intense FIFA titles, it offered more light-hearted entertainment and showcased a whole different side of football.

International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution

If it’s an almost paradoxical soccer game that you are after, this is it. This hilarious take on the more serious titles was very well received, and the imaginative and rather ridiculous player names added to its appeal.

‘Batustita’ and ‘Rivaldho’ were both on the field, and added to the surprisingly slick gameplay on offer, all while putting a smile on your face.

Sensible Soccer

A rather staid title for a game that’s actually loads of fun, Sensible Soccer may be…well, sensible, but its straightforward, simple gameplay stayed true to the nature of the sport, and gained many fans.

This game was a good starting point and its still the perfect early video game in the genre.

FIFA Street

Ok, we have to have at least one more FIFA title in here as they are just SO good. With insanely awesome street pitches, vicious battles between teams and outrageous player skills, FIFA Street has it all for those who like it fast, loose and fun.