Top Multiplayer Online Games for 2018


Mario Kart 8 deluxe

Super Mario is often considered one of the top games and an absolute classic must play. The latest edition, Mario Kart 8 deluxe does not disappoint and is a superb game.

This edition is made for the Nintendo Switch, and this makes it possible to play multiplayer anywhere over one or more console. It has several new characters and its battle mode is enhanced with more options.

With updates to the characters, they can now carry a maximum of two items at once, and the game now has auto steering for beginner gamers.


The creators of this game, Blizzard have recently released an update video showing what the developers have in plan for this coming year.

With no release date as yet, the work in progress is currently in the testing phase, with a focus on perfection for the latest release.

This super popular game has over 35 million players worldwide and is a must play for new or seasoned players. Overwatch has a wide variety of heroes to play and is easy to play until you find your style within the game.

Battlefield 1

This absolutely epic multiplayer game is said to surpass all prior games in the series, and I agree that it is a great improvement on some already great games.

In multiplayer mode you could play with p to 64 people online, and also in various modes. It has a great many options to choose from when playing, from conquest mode to capturing pigeons for messages in the War Pigeons mode. All these modes come with different infantry classes and have customisable weapons and kit to suit up with.

Sea of Thieves

Where’s all the rum gone, you would have to have shared it with the pirate crew! With a release date in March, this game is developed by Rare and will be released by Microsoft Studios for Xbox one and Microsoft Windows.

Though we have not had a chance to play this game, we are highly anticipating its release with great expectations. So while you wait for this game to be released, why not look up a few of the online pokies NZ has to offer and get in a game or two.

This multiplayer game will be played in a first person perspective; it has action and adventure galore. Players will travel in a group across a world in a pirate ship, all getting a chance to do their duty on the ship. Players will get to live out their pirate dreams by looting, questing and fighting other players in this shared world.

The Black Death

Although the subject matter can seem a bit grim, this game makes for a brilliant change from the general run of the mill multiplayer games available.

Players will experience the while the plague ravages the Medieval 14th century, with survival as the only goal. In this Multiplayer players will choose their own path through this sick land, with options as to what to become (such as a knight or trader).

This game is full of pestilence and strife, and is great for gamer looking for a challenge with slim to no possible happy endings.