Everything You Need To Know About the US Open Tennis Tournament

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An Overview of the US Open Tennis Tournament

The United States Open Tennis Championship, referred to most commonly by its abbreviation of the US Open, is one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world, played on an acrylic hard court.

The US Open is the fourth and final tennis tournament of the Grand Slam, taking place annually. The other tournaments that are part of the Grand Slam include the Australian Open, which happens first, followed by the French Open, and then the Wimbledon tournament. The US Open starts every year on the last Monday in August, and lasts for two weeks running over the Labour Day holiday.

There are five main event championships that form part of the US Open. These are the men’s singles and the women’s singles, the men’s doubles and the women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and additional tournaments for senior players, junior players, and wheelchair players.

The US Open is organised by the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

Betting on Tennis

Betting on tennis tournaments, and especially in a tournament as large as the US Open or the Grand Slam in general, can be great for avid sports bettors. There are more variables and types of markets in tennis, making this an incredibly rich sport to bet on, but in order to bet on tennis successfully, there are a few pointers regarding a tennis betting strategy that sports bettors need to keep in mind.

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It goes without saying that sports bettors need to be familiar with the sport, its rules and regulations, and its players before even beginning to think about betting on tennis, but, even then, there are a few strategies to keep in mind to ensure sports bettors can maximise their profits and minimise their losses or risks.

Only Choose Value Bets

If sports bettors wish to maximise their profits while betting on tennis tournaments such as the US Open, it is worthwhile to only consider value bets placed by sports bookies. Even if these are not pre-determined by the sport bookie, tennis betting punters will do well by learning how to identify tennis value bets themselves, breaking down each scheduled match to select only a few that can offer high returns.

Specialise on The Type of Tennis

Even though tennis is a standard sport, it will help if sports bettors break this down to specialise even further and consider betting only on women’s tennis or men’s tennis. Even though tennis follows standard rules and the game is the same for both genders, women and men play differently. If a sports bettor chooses to specialise on a specific gender, there will be a greater chance of understanding the way it is played better.

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In addition, sports bettors should also specialise in the types of tournaments they bet on. Even though, for example, Grand Slam events and Challenger circuit events both focus on tennis, different tournaments will be slightly different.

The more specialised a sports bettor is, such as in only focusing on Grand Slam events such as the US Open, the more likely the chances are that the bettor will have a greater understanding of the game and a competitive advantage over other sports bettors in making good betting decisions.