What Wearable Technology Offers to Athletes

Wearable technology offers a range of different features

Fitness trackers are great for athletes and there are a wide variety of different wearables with different features.  Wearable technology has been designed to suit serious as well as casual athletes.  For casual athletes there are entry-level options such as Fitbit, Jawbone or Misfit options.  For more serious athletes, such as marathon runners the option to monitor heart rate, as well as a GPS tracker are features that would be really useful.

Fitbit Alta HR

The Fitbit Alta is a great wearable device and has features that will track steps and distance as well as the amount of calories burned.  It also tracks active minutes as well as hourly activity and the amount of stationary time.  The Fitbit Alta also prompts the user to keep moving and to stay active using reminders throughout the day.  The SmartTrack function will automatically recognise exercises and will keep track of workouts and all of this without the touch of a button.

The Fitbit is easy to use and will give users quick access to stats, keep track of the time as well as any notifications from a smartphone on the OLED display.  The smart notifications will keep athletes focused on their fitness routine, but still up to date with important notifications.  The Fitbit can be worn for around 5 days before a charge is needed.  Not only is the Fitbit Alta functional, but can also be an accessory that fits with everyone’s style.  The device will also track sleep patterns and there is a silent alarm which vibrates.

Garmin Vivomove

The Garmin Vivomove features a year’s battery life, a great design, a red move bar which displays steps on the face, keeps track of steps and also monitors sleep patterns and will automatically sync with Garmin Connect in order to save, prepare and share progress.  The Vivomove has all day tracking and still looks good.

As well as being able to tell the time the Vivomove has a red bar, which gets bigger for every 15 minutes the user is inactive, becoming active again can reset this.  By connecting to Garmin Connect users will receive updates on their progress as well as great fitness tips from experts.  The Garmin Index Smart Scale will also upload weight, BMI, percentage of body fat and much more.  Users can also change the look of their Vivomove by changing the straps.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch lets you do just about anything, from playing a casino at https://canadiancasinoonline.org/cad/ to monitoring fitness and exercise progress. It tracks standing, moving and exercising as well has amount of calories burned.  With the Apple Watch is it possible to share this information with friends.  It has coaching features and challenges to help users attain their fitness goals.  Users can select different workouts such as cycling, running or rowing. Each movement is measured and because Apple Watch is in sync with gym equipment all the stats are also in sync.

The Apple Watch also helps users keep track of their health, manage stress levels and manage heart rate.  It also gives daily updates of all activity or inactivity.  The Apple Watch has a dual-core processor which makes this device quick and keeps things up to date.  Users can also get notifications of messages and access to Siri for voice activation makes things much easier.

Wearable technology has changed the way people view their lives, it is a great help with monitoring stress and keeping users connected even while exercising and staying healthy.