The Best Sports Wearables in 2017

The Best Sports Wearables in 2017 - Fitbit Alta HR

You may have noticed the rapid evolution of technology that has been taking the world by storm, and it only appears to be getting smarter and smaller, which is exactly why we now have the opportunity to wear the gadgets that have become such a big part of our lives.

Whether it’s a smartwatch, a fitness tracker or apparel, the wearable technology that allows you to stay on top of your game when working out or training is more popular now than we’ve ever seen it. With the options seemingly endless, it’s hard to separate the great from the not so great.

Let’s take a look at the cream of the crop when it comes to fitness gadgets that you can wear.

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes

If you’ve decided to put down the online bingo where you enjoy playing at and start exercising you’ll need to take advantage of today’s leading sports wearables. Whether you’re going for a run through a risky neighbourhood or you have a habit of losing things and you’d prefer not to strap expensive sports wearables to yourself, then look no further than the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes.

This impressive sports apparel company has introduced a pair of shoes that boast a fitness tracker in the soles, allowing you to simply concentrate on the exercise and not whether you’ll be out almost $100 rather than be rewarded for going for that run.

Very easily the most intelligent pair of sneakers that you can now slip your feet into, the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes have an accelerometer as well as Bluetooth connectivity that is connected to an app to store your data.

Withings Steel HR

Smartwatches are nothing new, however, if you’re in the market for an even smarter smartwatch then you should really consider purchasing the Steel HR. It looks nothing like the bulky smartwatches we have come to know, and Withings specialises in delivering a smart look along with the technology of a smartwatch.

This elegant piece of technology will record your steps, runs, swims and even sleep without having to do a thing. You will also be able to synchronise it with your iOS or Android device and get the kind of feedback that will keep you inspired.

Fitbit Alta HR

Possibly the best in fitness wrist-wear technology, and my personal favourite, Fitbit’s latest release boasts some extremely impressive updates, including a slimmer and far more attractive design than the Charge 2 edition.

The great thing about the Alta HR is that it doesn’t simply track your fitness, it also measures and improves your sleep patterns, delivering some fresh and exciting innovations known as Sleep Insight and Sleep Stages. This impressive little gadget was developed by some of the world’s leading sleep experts, with Sleep Stages powered by heart rate technology that Fitbit has dubbed PurePulse.

This essentially analyses your heart rate variability in order to estimate just how much time you spend in a light, REM and deep sleep, along with the amount of time you spend awake every night so that you have the opportunity to understand your sleep quality a little better.