Best Apps For Editing Photos

Photo editing apps

With a smartphone in the palm of everyone’s hand, gone are the need for bulky and heavy cameras. The latest phones are just as capable as the DSLRs of old, with multiple lenses and impressive zoom capabilities, providing their users with magical images at the touch of a button.

However, few phones come equipped with advanced photo editing technology, limiting users to just being able to crop images, make simple adjustments, or add some simple filters. So what if you want to be edit your images on the go, straight from your mobile phone, without having to download them to your computer and pay for expensive editing programmes?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best apps out there for editing photos:


Through a variety of in app purchases, VSCO offers photographers a number of advanced effects and editing capabilities. Basic editing tools are available, such as cropping and exposure adjustment,  alongside a number of pre-set filters allow you to automatically spruce up your images. This cool looking natural effects are perfect for anyone that wants to stand out on Instagram.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe’s range of photography and design tools have long been known as some of the best in the industry. Their Adobe Lightroom app for Android and iOS is available for free, offering all the editing tools you would come to expect from Adobe. Anyone familiar with their products will love the app and the fact that you can share photos edited on the app to your Adobe cloud, but with so many tools available, it can be quite confusing for beginners.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is a fun, highly interactive app that allows you to add stickers, fonts and text to your adverts. Designers on the go will love this fun app that also allows you to easily create photo collages. One other amazing thing about PicsArt Photo Studio is that you can even edit videos within the app or create animated GIFs.


Another photo editing app popular with designers is Prisma. This app is not just for photo editing but also for creating customised images, graphics and artworks. You can even turn ordinary images into amazing works of art in Prisma with more than 800 filters to choose from and some stunning photo effects.


Pixlr is a powerful photo editing tool for selfie enthusiasts. It offers one of the widest ranges of photo filters, effects and overlays to choose from with literally millions of ways to edit your image. You can also make small cosmetic adjustments to your photos, such as removing any blemishes. Beginners can follow easy to use tutorials when getting started.


Another awesome tool for editing selfies, Facetune allows users to easily retouch selfies through its powerful portrait editing tools. You can even brighten your teeth, remove blemishes, add make up, lighten dark circles or reshape the face. Blur tools are also available for the background to really make your face stand out in your images!