Retro Tech In The New Age

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Retro Tech In The New Age

We are completely reliant on technology, and if you think that is a far-fetched sci-fi reality, then I urge you; throw your phone away for 1 measly day! Where will you be? How does it affect you to know that you have lost all contact with the world?

You see, it’s simple; we have created a world where we are so reliant on technology that it has become our greatest downfall. In an age where smart phones replace traditional computers that were more static than anything else, because let’s face it, laptops were never that mobile to begin with…

You are plugged into a world that is mobile and on demand 24/7! You are completely reliant on the Super highway without you even knowing it!

We have bred this world, a world where AI robots talk to one another, creating and more importantly choosing to create a unique language to communicate in. My point in case the FaceBook AI robots that actively chose to stop speaking English and embarked on a revolutionary course by communicating with one another in an entire language made of code, unregulated by human intervention and astonishingly unique.

What Is Retro Tech?

It was the age of 8 tracks and Walkman’s, Nintendo Game Boys and the holy grail of technology itself the personal computer that hugged 96% of your desk space.

Screeching like nailsĀ to the chalkboard, the old dial up modem begins connecting and for what seemed like half an eon, you were connected to the super highway that connected you to a world of opportunity.

Retro tech is outdated technology that has become somewhat popular, particularly across modern trends like the hipster movement. Retro tech is tech that left a legacy and is now considered more iconic than ever before.

Moving Forward Through The Cycle

Humanity moves through stages and as Sullivan the architect once put it; form follows function. We are functional beings dedicated to the necessity of formation andĀ aesthetics.

It’s not that retro Tech is new or hip, rather we are new and hip, yet we yearn for a piece of the past as it echoes the notion of a simple time where we were happier with less.

We have great technological breakthroughs like 3-D printers that can print human organs given the time. Retro Tech inspired the age we currently live in and that’s why humans look back at it with find memory of a time that built the current age in which we live.

The Comeback Is Set

People are at their very core simple beings with basic needs. Like Canadian casino bonuses, retro tech has become a highly popular and sought after prize in today’s modern world.

It’s all around us, Nintendo keeps updating to a new standard but constantly strives to reignite the old days, typewriters have become a fashionable accessory and a must have for any budding writer. We are living in an age where the 60’s are plain cool again.

It’s not so much of a comeback as it is a trend or phase that we long to capture before it has run its course. Humanity wants a constant reminder of progress and collecting retro tech reassures us of this progress.

They Don’t Make It Like They Used To

One thing about retro tech is that is was built to last. Today a product has a life cycle and after that cycle is reached, your product must be replaced by something newer and designated to a landfill where it can’t contaminate humanities progress right here.

That’s the appeal of retro tech, even though it’s outdated and completely obsolete, it still gets the job done. Many models still work to this day and it’s a feat that new age tech simply can’t compete with.