Useless but fun tech

Useless Tech

Tech – What Would We Do Without It?

Technology has become so intertwined in our lives that it has come to the point where most of us couldn’t live without it. Sure, anyone from my generation remembers the days when the phones were stuck to the wall and you could only go as far as the cord would let you to get away from people to chat.

Tell that to any youngster these days, however, and they will look at you either blankly or in horror. The tech generation is here to stay, and with it have come some remarkable inventions that make our lives so much easier.

There are some tech gadgets through which really don’t serve a purpose, other than to be fun, silly, or both.

 The AMOLED Button

Most smartphones these days boast an AMOLED screen. This is simply a new way of displaying light that is clearer and more fluid than ever before, and makes playing thrilling pokies and other games better and brighter.

A company called Beam Authentic took this one step further, and asked the question, “why would you wear a boring old plain brooch when you can wear a gif displaying AMOLED button?” Enter the pretty, but pretty useless AMOLED button.

It has a 400 x 400 AMOLED screen and is able to play moving gif’s as well as any messages you receive. Its also costs a whopping $99 US, so not only is it kind of useless but expensive too.

Blue Tooth Toaster

Just when you think you have everything that you need, Griffin Tech brings out the blue tooth or wireless toaster. Able to run off an app on your phone, it guarantees the perfect slice every time.

That’s great, but since you have to actually go to the toaster to put the bread in, and then take it out once it’s done, what exactly is the point?

Vacuum Shoes

Ah yes, because running around your house on little tiny shoe sized areas is the best way to get those carpets totally spotless. Japanese auto company Denso rocked up in Vegas with these clunky, 1950’s looking articles that could have come from a traveling salesman’s briefcase.

In the year of automated cars and even trucks, we really expected a bit more…

Invoxia NVX 200

Regarding those phones that had a cord and were stuck to the wall… Invoxia, for some inexplicable reason, brought out a device in 2017 which turns your cell phone into a desk phone, complete with cord.

And all this for the incredible price of a whopping $249 US!

Smart Underpants

Yes, in this day and age we have smart everything, even, it seems, underpants.

These $44 US briefs are threaded with silver that is supposed to protect the family jewels from harmful radiation such as wireless.  So far, they only come in blue.

The Love Box

At the end of our list, we have a whimsical and totally useless product called The Love Box. This little wooden box allows you to send a message of adoration to your love muffin. Via an app, the text will be displayed at the top of the box on a mirror.

When the message is read the heart on the front will spin. Of course, it will eventually run out of juice and just become a $99 US wooden box sitting on a shelf.

Whatever happened to the good old handwritten love note?