A Quick Look at eSports for Bettors Online

esports vs sports - online sports betting

Regular sports betting has been around for ages and is widely known. What may not be as well known is that there is a whole new world of games which one can place bets on. Branded as eSports, these are basically popular computer games which can be played multiplayer.

Games range from first person shooters to strategy games, some of which were even designed for social media platforms such as Facebook.

Why eSports are So Popular

eSports are known, played, and loved by a whole different spectrum of person. Gamers are usually not sports players and excel in different arenas. In eSports everyone is physically equal, size and strength don’t mean anything when you are playing a game on a computer.

Brain power, however, does play a large part on how successful you are. Whereas sports betting has previously been the realm of so called jocks and sports fans, the eSports world allows almost everyone to join, get involved, and bet on your favourite team.

First Person Shooters

First person shooters have always been a premier pick when it came to lanning in most forms. It was a natural option therefore when it comes to eSports.

Many players have loads of experience playing one game or another, and the classics are still readily available for those who want to brush up on their skills.

Call Of Duty and Counter Strike

On most of the sites which offer eSports betting, Counter Strike and Call of Duty are top of the logs. These classics have seen many reinventions since they first came out, but still remain the go to games for both professional gamers and casual lanners.

Filled with open landscapes, an array of weapons and some serious skills and strategy needed to succeed, COD and CS boast some of the biggest paid professional players on the world stage.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are games where building and planning are most important.

DoTA 2

DoTA or Defence of The Ancients is a strategy game based on the wildly popular Warcraft 3 series. The game is slightly different to many other games offered in that it takes place on a single map with two teams and two bases. The object of the game is to destroy the opposing teams base before they can destroy yours.

The game is complex, with many options such as hero types, vital stats and objects and weapons which affect your character. Most Australian betting sites at https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/internet offer betting on DoTA 2 as it is currently one of the biggest multiplayer games played worldwide.

League of Legends - esports betting - online sports betting

LoL – League of Legends

Created after the immense popularity of DoTA 1, LoL is a game along a similar line. In this game, you have to choose a champion to control or play as, and then as a team with five other players try to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus. LoL is the most popular game in North America and Europe, and can also be found on most of the big Australian gaming sites.

Betting on eSports

This may all seem very well and good, but how does one bet on a video game? These games are much like sports. They have professional players who get paid to play them, sometimes more than traditional sports players do.

Tournaments are held, and as the game are played online, the players don’t even have to be in the same country. One bets on players in these tournaments.

eSports betting is growing in status, possibly being set to overtake regular sports betting.