Virtual Reality – Will it Lead to the Extinction of Consoles?


guy sitting at monitor and playing virtual reality games on a screen

There is no doubt that the future of gaming is heading in the direction of the virtual reality market.

Who wouldn’t want to play in a virtual world and perform all actions as if they were there themselves. This is a huge technological breakthrough and has created waves in the gaming community.

The question here is whether or not the virtual reality systems will overtake the console platforms, and whether or not this is an accurate prediction for gaming.

Virtual reality is cool, very cool!

Virtual reality games have become very popular for one reason. It is extremely exciting to use! A virtual reality system allows any player to plug into a whole new world and to play their games as if they were actually there.

Take for example, adventure games we generally enjoy on our consoles; any gamer that wants to play these games online will be able to attach their head piece and dive into an authentic experience as if they were right there..

This is an amazing distinction for online gaming as it provides an authentic and traditional feel to the games that we play so often.

Will this replace the console?

In short, probably not. Whilst it is an amazing piece of technology, and the virtual reality community is massive with so many people waiting to get involved. My prediction is that consoles will remain as popular as they have always been.

With the above example, let’s look at the online gambling market. People that play the best online blackjack has to offer will still want to use the console versions of gameplay in order to keep up their online betting.

The prediction I have is that the virtual reality systems as well as the console versions will exist in unison.

guy wearing virtual reality console with a shooter

Popularity of console gaming over the years

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the popularity of console gaming and this does not seem to be slowing down.

One reason why console gaming will continue to thrive even with the introduction of virtual reality counter parts is that the consoles are easily accessible and slightly less expensive to set up.

Many online gamers have already invested in their console of choice and have a comfortable state within the gaming world.

Virtual Reality Gaming vs Console Gaming

The main difference in these two game types is the way in which they are played. The games themselves will remain very similar on both platforms. For instance, a gamer that wants to play on a console will be able to do so in the same format on a virtual reality system.

The difference is how it is played, instead of having a point and click interface, the whole system will be immersive and allow much more movement and interaction. This technology has opened up more avenues for use, including military training, medical training, and even sports.

This is not essential for any person wanting to gamble online, and thus, the console will not be replaced across the board.