Virtual Pokies – The Imminent Future Of Slot Machines?

Virtual Pokies - the future of online gambling

Virtual Pokies – The Future Of Gambling?

Let’s talk about virtual pokies. It’s safe to say that pokies or slot machines may be the most the popular type of casino game on the planet. From their humble origins in the American Wild West, to the 3D games that they are today, pokies have never failed to keep vast amounts of people enthralled for hours staring at the spinning reels.

Originally, the games began as a physical machine with three actual reels and a big lever to the side. The lever was pulled which spun the reels, each of which had three images painted on it.

If all three reels showed the same image, you won. As the years passed, slot machines began to become more and more sophisticated. More reels were added, as were special features.

Technology allowed them to become digital, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities. These days one can play 3D games with super advanced animation and special features which are often more interesting than the actual game.

Future Pokies

The online gaming industry has become so large, with so many players (excuse the pun) that it is almost advancing exponentially now. The advances in software, as well as hardware, are being used not only in the industry itself but in other cyber businesses as well. A great example of this is how the security software developed by online casinos is now being employed in large online financial institutions.

So what about virtual pokies you ask? The obvious step, which incidentally is already happening, is virtual reality pokies. Games which are so real, that you are actually inside them.

There are a number of ways which this can be done. The first is to create a video game like programme where you actually take part in the game play. Here you could end up on a roller coaster, or even driving a racing car in a special feature.

virtual pokies - online slots games - future of casino gaming

The second type of VR pokie is more obvious. This may simply involve creating a VR land based casino which you can enter, meet other real people and play various casino games.

This to me seems like a step backwards, as it is pretty much the same as the old brick and mortar casinos, except that you don’t have to move off your couch.

The Mobile Aspect

VR slots may be coming sooner than you expect, especially when it comes to mobile online casino NZ sites. Many mobile devices now come out with a virtual reality headset, and the ability to load various VR programmes.

Mobile casinos may admittedly be slightly behind their online counterparts, but this gives them a huge technology boost which currently simply isn’t available to computer users.

How Accessible Will It Be?

It’s all very well to wax lyrical about the up and coming excitement of virtual pokies, but how accessible will they be to the average punter? When 3D TVs first came out they were wildly expensive, and only a select few were able to afford them.

Luckily for us Joe Blogs, VR is an idea which is potentially so lucrative that it looks like the hardware and software companies won’t price the equipment out of the market.

Punters who have had enough of playing the same old online slots and games will find their interest refreshed by the immersive world of virtual pokies, and who knows where it will go from there!