Who will Triumph in the Epic Battle Between PC and Console?

PC VS Console - the ongoing gaming battle

Who will Triumph in the Epic Battle Between PC and Console?

The home computer and the console have lived together mostly in harmony for the last three decades, but the question has always remained: which is better? This is an argument that has raged across countless comment sections over the years, and even to this day, opinions remain divided on just which system overall.

As we continue to create new technology and improve the technology we already have, the system war has only gained speed, and for the most part, those on either side of the fence are stuck in a stalemate, despite strong arguments from both sides.

The key to finding out which system is better is by breaking down each one and finding what makes the system worth using, and why it’s better than its rival.


Computers have changed the world in every way imaginable, and it is difficult in today’s age to find a household that does not have a computer in some form.

While extremely basic at first, computers have evolved rapidly over time, and today you can find just about every shape and size you can think of, including tiny media devices to monstrous super computers.

What has made the computer such a desirable device and why it’s held out against its console rival is thanks, in part, to the fact that computers are able to do many things at once.

Whether you’re watching American movies, playing Japanese video games, or enjoying https://mobileslotscanada.biz/neteller/ casinos, computers can do it all.

Another benefit to the average computer is the fact that they can be upgraded by their user at any time. These include new, better parts, more advanced cooling systems, and the ability to overclock your hardware to give it that edge that many consoles lack.

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While computers certainly do seem like the way to go for many, consoles have plenty of advantages that keep players buying the latest versions year after year.

One of the biggest draws of any console is that they are simple in every sense of the word.

They are exceedingly easy to use, they can run any compatible game with ease, and they never have to be tinkered with.

This along with the fact that most game developers focus mainly on consoles for most new games means that consoles often have exclusives that computer players will never be able to enjoy.

Consoles are essentially computers, but contain closed-systems designed to allow players to press-and-play at a moment’s notice.

As consoles continue to develop, their multi-tasking abilities are quickly catching up with even the latest that computers have to offer, which only makes the decision that much harder.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, choosing whether to buy a personal computer or a console is entirely up to the player. Each system has its inherent pros and cons, and while some might enjoy the simplicity of the console, others might see it overall as a weakness.

On the other hand, some might not be interested at all in tinkering and replacing their hardware, and simply want a machine that plays the video games they want. The argument will never truly end, but many of us can agree that the best system for you is the one that most appeals to you.